Posted by: teamklabs | December 7, 2009

An Introduction to Team Klabs

Hi everyone, this is not a post for the team but I guess for anyone who looks at this website and have been to our singular blog sites, or even those who have stumbled across us. This is a production journal on the 90 second animation Julia, that us as a team have to make for January 19th 2010 for our university course.

If you’ve stumbled across us as predicted here are our names and titles. We’re know as Team Klabs, and we all live in Bristol =)

Daniel Keeble: Producer, Character Designer, Lead Animator (Traditional) and Background Painter. Also in charge of sound.
Blog and Contact Dan here:

Sophie Lowden: Script, Designer and Background Painter, also in-charge of Editing, Colouring and Compositing
Blog and Contact Sophie here:

Jenny Adam: Initial Story, Character Designer, Lead Animator (Flash) and was also in control of the Animatic.
Blog and Contact Jenny here:

Adam Bryant: Story, Assistant Director, Background Artist, Layout Artist, Animator and Sound

Ben Stanley: Story, Director, Designer and Animator.

I’m sure the list will get longer as the list of jobs get higher, we’re approaching christmas and have forty two days to get this animation done.

We Can Do It Team!



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